Centenarian’s Birthday Celebration

Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age


Lorraine Mae Leatherwood was born in Stilwell, Oklahoma on May 31, 1916 to Lucille and Luther Leatherwood. At six years of age her family moved to California, where Lorraine spent much of her life. Lorraine married her high school sweetheart Fred Osbourn in January of 1936 and became Lorraine Mae Osbourn. Together, they raised two children, Arthur and Susanne. 

Lorraine became a Pastor’s wife when her husband returned to college in 1947, later earning his PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling. Lorraine was very active in the Seventh Day Adventist church as a Pastor’s wife and continues to stay active in her local church to this day. Lorraine moved to Juneau, Alaska in 2012 to be closer to her daughter Susanne.

Most weekdays you can find Lorraine at Juneau’s Bridge Adult Day Program enjoying time with friends and doing fun activities. In fact, the Bridge Program is exactly where she was found celebrating her 100th birthday. Lorraine, a few friends, her daughter and son-in-law, and the Governor of Alaska all came together for a joyous celebration.

The party started off swinging, thanks to the music provided by members of the Thunder Mountain Big Band, which served as a reminder of her first date with her late husband Fred. There was cake, dancing, and even a joke or two. Governor Bill Walker presented Mrs. Osbourn with a personalized commendation and a greeting of “Happy Birthday, young lady,” during her birthday celebration. Mrs. Osbourn replied “baloney” with a smile.

Happy Birthday Lorraine and best wishes for good health and happiness in the years to come!