Alaska State Plan for Senior Services

State Plan for Senior Services, FY2024 - FY2027

The State Plan for Senior Services is a project that impacts the lives of all Senior Alaskans. For that reason, there are several phases which must be realized to receive input from Seniors and Senior service providers. Several government agencies are involved, as well as organizations from the private and non-profit sector. When completed, it is made available for public comment before being finalized and implemented.

Follow the progress of the plan! The gray areas have already been completed. Approximate dates have been assigned to the remaining phases. The public is invited to be part of the process. Watch the State of Alaska Public Notice board for opportunities.
Timeline for Statewide Plan for Senior Services: 2024-2027 

Statewide Plan for Senior Services: 2024-2027 Timeline

Project Management and Communications | August 2022 – May 2023

State Plan Advisory Committee Meeting (Phase Complete) | November – December 2022

Background Research (Phase Complete) | August – December 2022

Analysis of Needs Assessment Data (Phase Complete) | September 2022 – February 2023

Intrastate Funding Formula (Phase Complete) | December 2022 – February 2023

Plan Development | February – May 2023

State Plan for Senior Services, FY2020 - FY2023

State Plan For Senior Services, FY2016 - FY2019

FY2016-FY2019 Funding Formula

The Department of Health proposed the adoption of changes to the funding formula of the Alaska State Plan for Senior Services, FY2016-2019.

Summary of Recommendations

In brief, the recommendations to amend the funding formula include these changes:

  • Modernize the definition of “rural” to include a “remote” classification
  • Subdivide Alaska’s Region V into two subsets to include the Matanuska-Susitna as Region V(a) and Kenai/Valdez/Cordova as Region V(b)
  • Implement a “base funding allocation” using federal Older American Act funds appropriated for Alaska to replace the hold harmless provision.
  • Adjust weights for the funding formula factors to target funding for seniors who are frail and living in poverty.

About the public comment process

The Alaska Commission on Aging and Senior and Disabilities Services hosted a webinar and teleconference to discuss the proposed modifications to the funding formula, conduct a question and answer session, and take public comment. Comment was also accepted in writing by email, fax and mail.

In addition to the providing comment during the webinar or teleconference, public comments were also accepted by email, fax and mail.

Alaska's Roadmap to Address Alzheimer's Disease

State Plan for Senior Services, FY 2012 – FY 2015

The State Plan is required by the U.S. Administration on Aging in order for Alaska to be eligible for receipt of Older Americans Act funds. OAA funds help pay for senior meals, rides, information and referral, and numerous other support services for Alaska seniors. The plan contains a core section describing Alaska’s Older Americans Act programs as well as numerous appendices focusing on the demographics of Alaska seniors, a senior needs assessment, State of Alaska programs for seniors, required assurances, a statewide plan for Alaska’s ADRCs (Aging & Disability Resource Centers), and other material.

Core Section of Plan

  • Approval Letter from Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee
  • Sole State Agency on Aging Designation by Governor Parnell
  • Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services Approval
  • Alaska Commission on Aging Approval
  • Executive Summary
  • Core Section of Plan (Older Americans Act Programs)
  • Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Performance Measures


  • Appendix A: Organizational Charts
  • Appendix B: State Plan Funding Framework
  • Appendix C: Demographics of Alaska’s Seniors
  • Appendix D: Needs Assessment
  • Appendix E: Summary of the Older Americans Act
  • Appendix F: State of Alaska Programs and Services for Older Alaskans
  • Appendix G: State Plan Assurances, Required Activities, and Information Requirements
  • Appendix H: Alaska ADRC Statewide Plan
  • Appendix I: Long-Term Care in Alaska – Continuum of Care Chart and Definitions of Programs and Services
  • Appendix J: Emergency Preparedness Checklists
  • Appendix K: Useful Web Links
  • Appendix L: List of Acronyms and Definitions
  • Appendix M: State Plan Steering Committee Members
  • Appendix N: Memo of Agreement

State Plan for Services for FY08-FY11

The Alaska Commission on Aging has worked with multiple partners to develop a new State Plan for Services for FY08-FY11. The plan describes how the Department of Health & Social Services will use federal and state funds for senior services throughout Alaska.

The final Alaska State Plan for Services FY08-FY11 is available for download or to view. The public review and comments from the draft hearings across the state are incuded as Section E at the end of the plan.

These documents are readable with Adobe Reader. If you are unable to download them, please request a hard copy using the information below.

State Plan Implementation

State Plan for FY08-FY11

Request a Copy

A limited number of hard copies of the FY08-FY11 state plan are available upon emailing your request to

You may also request a hard copy of the state plan by calling 907-465-3250, Fax 907-465-1398 or mail to:

Alaska Commission on Aging
PO Box 110693
Juneau, AK 99811-0693