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We are all Alaskans. Parents, students, musicians, athletes... but that's not the whole picture.
Take action to help reduce the stigma and aid in recovery from
mental disorders and
substance abuse.


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We Are All Alaskans Summit 2012

  • The Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse hosted a community inclusion summit of consumers and stakeholders in July. Alaskans from all over the state gathered to discuss what it means to be part of a community and how Alaska’s communities can be more open and accessible to individuals who experience serious mental illness and related disorders.
  • “Community inclusion . . . where ‘everyone feels like they can walk outside and be safe and accepted, not attacked or shunned.’ Everyone is welcomed sincerely to join living, learning, working, social, play, and spiritual activities. Everyone ‘has a face and a place’ in the community, and Alaskans reach outside of their own culture and community to include others.”

    Read the We Are All Alaskans 2012 Report and contribute to the discussion on the Alaska Mental Health Board Facebook page.

DIGNITY: A listening session with Alaskans experiencing homelessness

  • In July 2012, the Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse partnered with Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Bean’s Café, Brother Francis Shelter, and Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web to host a listening session with individuals experiencing homelessness. More than 40 people participated in the morning session, sharing ideas and solutions for many of the problems faced by homeless individuals in Anchorage.

    Read the report from the listening session here. Please note that this is not a systems evaluation, but is instead a report of what was shared and learned during the listening session.

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