Change Agent Conference

The Division of Behavioral Health is pleased to announce the 2017 Annual Change Agent Conference, to be held November 28 – 30, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Anchorage. Save these dates on your calendar now. We will publish a link to registration soon on this webpage and circulate that link to all providers via email as well. The conference has been extended to three full days. Both Days 1 and 2 of the conference will be dedicated to the continuation of our Readiness Training designed to assist both DBH Staff and Providers prepare for effectively operating within a redesigned system of care. Day 3 will be dedicated to exchanging ideas and information about the various State reform initiatives and projects, including contracting with an ASO, and development of the 1115 Medicaid Services Waiver. A detailed Conference Agenda will be available soon. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Register for the Conference

Please do not hesitate to contact Rick Calcote at or 907-269-3617 if you have any questions or need assistance.

For your convenience and as a cost-savings measure, the 2017 Change Agent Conference materials will be available on a mobile conference app platform. This mobile conference app will provide access to all conference materials, including agenda, trainer information and bios, and other important conference information. Additionally, all conference registrants will have the ability to network with each other during the conference.   All registrants using a smartphone or tablet will be able to use the mobile conference app.

Go to for instructions on accessing the mobile application.  Please take advantage of the mobile conference app and help make this a GreenStar event!

The Change Agent – Train-the-Trainer – Conference series began in April 2005. Funding for the conferences was initially provided through a SAMHSA CO-SIG (Co-Occurring State Incentive) grant awarded to assist the Dept. of Health and Social Services achieve system integration. Specifically, the Change Agent Conference offered a cumulative series of clinical and managerial training for representatives from DHSS mental health and substance abuse grantee treatment organizations. The change agent participants were tasked with leading their agencies toward developing co-occurring service capability. This was to be accomplished by implementing the administrative, structural, and therapeutic practices that would allow for integrated agency and community treatment services for consumers with co-occurring disorders. The initial training built upon the theoretical constructs of the Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care Model – CCISC (Minkoff, 2002).

However, the focus of the Change Agent Conference has evolved to now include information and instruction on all DHSS/Behavioral Health initiatives related to the development and sustainability of a comprehensive integrated service delivery system. The annual conferences are currently funded through general Department funds. The participants include the executive leadership of all grantee treatment organizations, representatives from State Boards (AMHB / ABADA), the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, as well as key personnel from DHSS/BH and other State agencies. The conferences are developed by a multi-stakeholder Planning Committee. Instruction is provided primarily by experts from within the Alaska behavioral health service delivery system, but as well by national industry leaders. The conferences are designed to be interactive, and to promote the Division’s goal to develop and maintain an openly collaborative business relationship with grantee organizations and stakeholders.


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