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The DBH continues to progress in the development of a “Performance Management System”. The goal of this performance based system is:

To develop a continuous quality improvement process to guide policy development and decision making in improving the behavioral health of Alaskans.

Related questions to be answered by a performance management system include:

  1. Are Alaskans who need services getting them, and able to get them conveniently?

  2. Are the services of high quality?

  3. Is the behavioral health system efficient, productive, and effective?

  4. Do services produce the desired impact on the quality of life of consumers?

  5. Are efforts taking place to prevent or lessen problems that result in consumers needing services?

  6. Do Alaskans with serious behavioral health disorders live with a high quality of life?

A key component of the “Performance Management System” is the method of distributing treatment funding based on provider performance and outcomes. The development of this performance based funding has several phases. The initial phase will focus on developing a method of measuring grants reporting for SFY 2008. The second phase will focus on a methodology of funding allocation for SFY 2009. A stakeholder workgroup meets monthly to participate in this planning effort.

There is a strong history of progressive planning efforts that has contributed to the present planning effort:


  • 1998-2000: The Alaska Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities: Performance Indicator Project

  • 1999: The Alaska Mental Health Boards “Outcomes, Indicators and Performance Measures Project”

  • In 2001: The Mental Health Performance Measures Project (combined with previous two efforts)

  • In 2004: The Alaska Behavioral Health Integration Stakeholder Committee

  • In 2006-present: The Outcomes Identification & Systems Performance Project (OISPP) was initiated

  • In 2007: Legislative Intent Language*: (Performance-Based Granting); providing direction to DHSS resulting in the Performance Based Funding Initiative.

    *It is the intent of the legislature that the department continues developing polices and procedures surrounding the awarding of recurring grants to assure that applicants are regularly evaluated on their performance in achieving outcomes consistent with the expectations and missions of the Department related to their specific grant. The recipient's specific performance should be measured and incorporated into the decision whether to continue awarding grants. Performance measurement should be standardized, accurate, objective and fair, recognizing and compensating for differences among grant recipients including acuity of services provided, client base, geographic location and other factors necessary and appropriate to reconcile and compare grant recipient performances across the array of providers and services involved.