Old Minto Family Recovery Camp

By using Native culture and traditional values as our foundation, our goal is to help people help themselves as they heal from trauma, choose healthy lifestyles and overcome substance use. Our intent is to provide families and individuals with the skills that will help them live healthy and substance free lifestyles within their own communities.

The program is designed for Alaska Native families, but we welcome all individuals. We encourage self-referrals and accept referrals from the Office of Children Services, Probation/Parole, Mental Health/Alcohol Programs, Tribal Courts, FASAP, public defenders, and the court system.

Open Enrollment

OMFRC has open enrollment, which means clients will go into camp when a bed is available.

In order to receive the next available bed space at the camp:

  • All the necessary paperwork must be turned in
  • Application and assessment has been approved by the clinical and administrative supervisors.

All potential clients who have completed the process will be put on a list in the order by which the paperwork and approval was granted. There is no waitlist for OMFRC at this time.


In addition to daily groups and individual counseling sessions, residents:

  • Gather firewood
  • Haul water
  • Fish
  • Hunt
  • Work together completing daily chores

Old Minto Family Recovery Camp is a level 3.3 Clinically Managed Population Specific High Intensity Residential Services. Clients stay for a minimum of 35 days to give them enough time to get a good foundation for their recovery. After completing residential treatment at Old Minto clients will most likely be recommended for aftercare services to reinforce the progress made in treatment.

Intake Process

Clients travel to and from camp on a periodic basis, staying in camp for a minimum of 35 days. Clients who have been told that they will go to camp on the next change out will be required to complete the intake process at the OMFRC office.

Those living in the Fairbanks area will need to come into OMFRC office on Monday to do their intake paperwork. Those living outside of the Fairbanks area will need to come in to the OMFRC office on Tuesday to do their intake paperwork.


Old Minto is closed from late April until early June for river break-up and training for staff. Clients go into camp every Wednesday by plane in the winter and boat during the summer months. The last day for new clients to go to camp before we close for river break-up is around the third week of March.

Old Minto Family Recovery Camp

Facility Details

Location: Original village of Old Minto, 40 miles west of Fairbanks on the Tanana River
Care Level: Level 3.3
Age Range: 18+
Gender(s): Co-Ed
Beds: 10
Length of Stay: 35 Days (minimum)

Contact Information

Gregory Alexander
Administrative Supervisor
Email: greg.alexander@tananachiefs.org
Phone: 907-452-8251 ext 3225
Fax: 907-459-3835
Website: Old Minto Family Recovery Camp