Lighthouse-Residential Diagnostic Treatment, Juneau

The program provides mental health stabilization and long-term treatment to youth 12 to 18 years of age in custody of the state of Alaska.


Residents attend school at an on-site classroom, led by a Juneau School District teacher. Spec. Ed. and ESL services are available. Attendance in mainstream school system is encouraged as part of the discharge process.

Treatment Approach

Lighthouse is geared toward those youth who have a history of multiple behavioral problems complicated by issues such as fetal alcoholism spectrum disorders (FASD), substance abuse and histories of sexual abuse and neglect. Many may have post-traumatic stress disorders and histories of aggression towards self and others. Lighthouse uses a client centered treatment model emphasizing cultural and family values clarification, and focuses on a strength based approach. Treatment is designed to promote resiliency, motivation for recovery and sobriety, and healthy patterns of coping and decision making. The program takes an individualized approach to treatment, focusing on the needs of each resident and her family.

 House Details:
​   10801 Blackbear Rd.
Juneau, AK
Type of House:
Mental health stabilization and long-term treatment
Care level :
Age Range :
Gender(s) :
Girls only
Beds :
Staff to client ratio :
Length of stay :
9-12 months
Website :
Contact Information:
Larry Lee
Program Coordinator