Presbyterian Hospitality House: Granville

Granville Drive Emergency Stabilization and Assessment Center serves youth in the custody of the State of Alaska as well as youth in custody of their families. Arriving youth have typically experienced trauma such as: domestic violence, divorce, death, physical and/or sexual abuse, arrest of their parents or they are placed at Granville Drive Emergency Stabilization and Assessment Center while awaiting placement for long-term or hospital services. Staff strives to provide a calm, pleasant and safe environment.
The program is welcoming and supportive of all youth, no matter why they are here. Full-time clinical staff provide assessment and group therapy as well as individual therapy where indicated. The staff works closely with families. Mediation services are provided as well as treatment team meetings.
This shelter also regularly provides services to youth waiting placement in other PHH programs, such as safety and stabilization for youth between placements. Granville is predominately girls, but is licensed as a co-ed Level 2 emergency shelter program, providing behavior rehabilitation service to five youth ages 12-18 with staff to client ratio of 1:5. 

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​   Presbyterian Hospitality House: Palmer
956 S Pinnacle Mtn., Palmer, Alaska
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 Emergency Stabilization and Assessment
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