PES RBB Measures for Quarterly reports

PES RBB Measures for Quarterly reports

Email sent on November 7, 2023

Good morning,

It has come to our attention that there have been questions around the PES RBB Measure on the quarterly report:

  • Measure III:  Percentage of Clients Managed at a Lower Level of Care

Data Collection:  For this measure, the grantee will identify the percentage of clients that received psychiatric emergency services during the quarter that were discharged at a lower level of care (i.e., all client discharges other than those that resulted in hospitalization, incarceration, or for youth a placement out of home).  Grantee must provide information regarding their data collection method for this measure.

The intent of this measure is to identify the percentage of individuals who are seen by a PES provider who may remain in the community or who, due to a behavioral health issue, require a higher level of care to maintain their safety or the safety of others.  A higher level of care includes inpatient hospitalization or for youth, any out of home placement.  Because this information is not necessarily an identified field in the AKAIMS Emergency Services Module, the Measure, as identified in the RFP and on the quarterly report template, notes that the grantee can develop a data collection method that works within their system and identify how they are tracking this measure. 

At the last PES Grantee call, this measure was discussed and the option of utilizing the Disposition box in the AKAIMS Emergency Services module was presented.  Since the meeting, it has been brought to our attention that some grantees will not be able to use this option.  It was also discussed at the meeting, that it may be more optimal to simply track individuals who required hospitalization or out of home placement because it is likely that most individuals are managed in the community. 

Ultimately it is each providers responsibility to identify a way to track this RBB measure.  However, due the recent questions and identified issues, the Division of Behavioral Health will develop a guidance document to define this measure more clearly and the options you may consider for data tracking.  There is no action required for the quarterly reports submitted in quarter 1. The guidance that will be forthcoming will inform future submissions of quarterly reports.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Tina Voelker-Ross, PsyD
Behavioral Health Specialist
State of Alaska, Division of Behavioral Health