Safe and Healthy Me!

What's the best thing you've done for your health?

Stories from Alaskans

What have you done?

  • Have you made a SMALL CHANGE that made a big difference?
  • Have you done something AMAZING for your health?
  • Have you made a change that has made you more SAFE?
  • How did the change improve your HEALTH and improve the QUALITY of your life?

Share your story with us!

Move More! Eat Well! Tobacco Free! Stay Safe! The Safe and Healthy Me! Symbol 

Safe and Healthy Me

Here in Alaska, there's a place online to find out how to prevent injuries, and prevent and manage chronic health conditions. Those conditions may be related to weight gain, tobacco use or cancer.

That place is Safe and Healthy Me.

There are many resources to help us be as healthy and safe as possible. Many of these tools are right here in Alaska. A campaign called Play Every Day gets Alaska kids moving. Need help quitting tobacco use? Click on Tobacco to learn about the Alaska's Tobacco Quit Line. Is your family near a lake but you forgot a life jacket for your child? Click on Safety to find out how to borrow one from a Kids Don't Float loaner board.

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Stories from Alaskans

Alaskans are making changes. They are taking steps - small and large - to improve their health.

They are making time for physical activity, choosing to eat healthy foods, and losing weight. They are scheduling important health screenings to catch diseases early, when they are often easier to treat. They are signing up for free classes in their communities to improve their balance and their fitness.

We hope their stories will inspire and empower you in your journey to become safe and healthy.

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