Alaska Toxic Substance Incidents Program (ATSIP)

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How Are the Data Used?

Alaska is one of ten states participating in NTSIP. ATSIP collects state-specific data to monitor trends of hazardous material releases. The NTSIP dataset allows Alaska's surveillance and prevention efforts to be put into a national context and may help to identify emerging public health risks. The nine other states currently participating in NTSIP are:

ATSIP tracks spill information such as substances released, human injuries and deaths, causes of release, and response activities to identify trends in hazardous material incidents that threaten the public's health. Mapping and data analysis software are used to create outreach and educational materials to prevent future incidents.

If you know of an agency or organization in Alaska that is interested in using ATSIP data for prevention outreach activities, contact the program at (907) 269-8000 or