Alaska’s Adolescent Health Program

In partnership with national and local organizations, the Adolescent Health Program aims to promote positive youth development and reduce negative health outcomes for all Alaskan adolescents. Adolescent health includes many areas, from mental and physical health to healthy relationships. The choices made and behaviors adopted during adolescence and young adulthood—the period of life from ages 10-24—affect overall wellbeing and, potentially, health throughout a person’s lifespan.

Reduce Youth Violence & Bullying Reduce Unintended & Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections Reduce Youth Substance Use & Abuse Increase Youth Mental Health & Wellness PromotionIncrease Positive Youth Development & Resiliency Promotion

The Alaska Adolescent Health Program currently focuses on five areas of adolescent health:

  • violence and bullying prevention,
  • unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections prevention,
  • substance use and abuse prevention,
  • mental health and wellness promotion, and
  • positive youth development and resiliency promotion.

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