Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

The primary purpose of the Alaska Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Project (ECCS) is to facilitate the building and implementation of statewide comprehensive systems of care that supports family and community approaches to promoting positive early development and early school success for young children. This project is funded through a federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant.


At the community and family levels, this project will support the Collective Impact approach to integrate service delivery and collaboration, resulting in improved child development and family wellness, measured by a 25% increase from baseline in developmental skills in 0-3 year olds by 2021.

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ECCS focuses on five Critical Components:

  • Collective Impact is a commitment of a group of people from different sectors to achieve social change in a structured way through:
    • Common Agenda
    • Shared Measurement
    • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
    • Continuous Communication
    • Backbone Support
  • Continuous Quality Improvement through a Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) that provides:
    • Platform and Methodology
    • Collaborative Learning
    • Common Aim
    • Quality Improvement
    • Policy and Program Innovation
    • Accelerated Improvement
  • Help Me Grow is a system that connects at risk children with the services they need:
    • Family and Community Outreach
    • Provider Outreach
    • Centralized Call Center
    • Data Systems and Systems Analysis
    • Developmental Screening and Response
  • Strengthening Families is a research informed strengths based approach to reduce child maltreatment and promote healthy family and child outcomes through the five protective factors framework:
    • Social Connections
    • Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
    • Concrete Supports in Times of Need
    • Parental Resilience
    • Social and Emotional Competence of Children
  • Technical Assistance to support providers to improve health care and reduce costs for families with young children through:
    • Developmental Screening and Response
    • Care Coordination
    • Primary Care Case Management
    • Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care