Program Activities

Title V services can be envisioned as a pyramid of four funding and services levels, shown in the following graphic*:

Maternal and Child Health Pyramid of Services 

Listed below are examples of Title V programs implemented by the Section of Women's Children's and Family Health. For a complete description of all Title V activities, please consult the Alaska Title V Block Grant application

Infrastructure Building Services include most of the 10 essential public health services and encompass the functions that indirectly benefit families by laying the foundations for the policies and programs that can improve their health and well-being. Examples of Alaska activities are:

  • Staffing the Adolescent Health Program
  • Analyzing data from surveys of new mothers and mothers of toddlers
  • Maintaining the Alaska Birth Defects/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome surveillance programs.

Population Based Services in this framework are largely primary prevention programs, universally reaching everyone that might be affected or in need. Examples of Alaska activities are:

  • Distributing educational materials on postpartum depression.
  • Coordinating a Safe Sleep initiative to prevent infant sleep-related deaths
  • Managing the Newborn Metabolic Screening Program and the Early Hearing and Detection Intervention programs.

Enabling Services help families access and use health services and are usually targeted to families that have special needs or face specific barriers. Examples of Alaska activities are:

  • Providing parent navigation services to families of children and youth with special health care needs, through a grant with Stone Soup Group.
  • Providing information packets about genetics conditions in other languages besides English.
  • Providing professional medically-trained interpreters to translate genetics session for non-English speaking families.

Direct Health Care Services in this framework are directly provided to individuals, by state or local agency staff or by grantees or contractors. Title V programs commonly support prenatal care, well-child and school-based health services, and specialty services for children and youth with special health care needs. Examples of Alaska activities are:

* Graphic and text courtesy of the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs