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2021 Inclusive Practice Award/Paraeducator of the Year Award

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2021 Inclusive Practice Award Winner - Storme Fleming from the Anchorage School District

2021 Paraeducator Winner -
Gregory Wood from the Dillingham City School District


Inclusive Practice award:
  • Amanda O’Boyle (Lower Kuskokwim School District)
  • Christie Curry and Suzie Yingst (Dillingham City School District)
  • Storme Fleming (Anchorage School District)

Paraeducator of the Year:

  • Christena Towarak (Bering Strait School District)
  • Deanna Spils (Anchorage School District)        
  • Elena Eval (Lower Kuskokwim School District)    
  • Lisa Kelly & Janelle Paniptchuk, Gail Paniptchuk, Jason Polcyn, Desiree Rock (Bering Strait School District)    
  • Marita Kleissler (Cordova City School District)        
  • Santina Hancock (Lower Kuskokwim School District)
  • Greg Wood (Dillingham City School District)           

2021 Inclusive Practice Award

The Inclusive Practice Award 2021 went to Ms. Storme Fleming, inclusion specialist from The Aquarian Charter School (Anchorage School District). Ms. Fleming always strives to figure out how to make quality learning more accessible to her students. She introduced modern technological tools such as an iPad in the kindergarten and is constantly experimenting with different technologies to determine what works best and to ensure that students are well prepared to use them when their school workload increases. Ms. Fleming makes sure that even in the unique conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic that is severely limiting in-person interaction -- students still get so much needed one-on-one support. She is constantly on the lookout for aids or creative practices that facilitate student health, inclusion, and of course, learning – whether they may need a vision check, more convenient seating, or other adjustments. Ms. Fleming is continuously creating tailored and unique solutions that improve students’ academic, social, and emotional learning and is exceptional in communicating with parents and building great collaborative relationships with families, and of course – her students feel lucky to have her in their school.

2021 Paraeducator Award

The Paraeducator of the Year Award 2021 was given to Mr. Gregory Wood with the Dillingham City School District. Mr. Wood makes sure that his students can consistently access the life skills and functional education curriculum.  He has gone above and beyond, especially during the pandemic time, to ensure that students are equipped with the Internet, and the families are aware of how to operate it. Mr. Wood set up learning environments in his students’ homes that allow them to always remain on schedule. Mr. Wood seeks out the use of community resources to provide real-world experience to his students. He has incorporated the use of cultural cooking and cultural crafts in students’ life skills curriculum. Mr. Wood uses data to strongly advocate for the needs of his students; he takes time to research best practices and plans collaboratively rich experiences for his students. All this is to make sure that children are provided with the most advanced and relevant services and supports. Mr. Wood is genuinely respected and admired by his students and community. 

The award winners were announced by David Kohler, the Chairman of the Education Committee, at the Virtual Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference on February 6, 2021.