Disability Law Center of Alaska


The Disability Law Center of Alaska (DLC) is an independent, non-profit law firm providing protection and advocacy for people with disabilities throughout the state. The DLC prioritizes issues of abuse, housing, employment, education, discrimination, and community integration for individuals with disabilities. The DLC does this in several ways, by providing:

  1. Professional Assistance
  2. Negotiation and Mediation
  3. Administrative Remedies
  4. Legal Remedies and Consultations
  5. Class Action Lawsuits

The DLC also participates in conciliation proceedings, public hearings, and arbitration proceedings for people with disabilities. The Executive Director of the DLC sits on the Governor's Council and serves on several of our committees, providing advice and expertise on policy and legislation. The Governor's Council also partners with the DLC on special projects, such as Peer Power and the Alaska Integrated Employment Initiative.

To learn more, contact the DLC here.

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