Supported Decision Making Agreement (SDMA)

Decision-Makers, Supporters, and Family Guardians

Are you a person with a disability? Are you a senior who wants to plan for decision-making support as you? Do you have a right to make choices in your life? Are you under guardianship? Does your guardian make choices for you that you don’t want? Do you have the supports that you need to make decisions about where to live, what to do, how to spend money, or when to see a doctor?

Have you been advised to seek guardianship of your child? Are you looking for alternatives to guardianship? Do you wish that there were better alternatives than the ones you’ve seen?

If you’re wondering about any of these questions, you can find information below. There is a guide to help people understand decision-making laws, and another that describes Supported Decision-Making Agreements. You will learn about different kinds of support you can use to make choices. There are also some trainings on Supported Decision-Making Agreements, including what makes someone a good supporter for making decisions. You can watch videos of people telling their stories about making their own choices with the help of their supporters. There is also a section with resources for learning new skills, like banking and budgeting, dating and healthy relationships, housing rights, and opportunities for employment and volunteering.

Ian Miner generously shared his story about how he works, lives, and plays in Anchorage, Alaska. The Council is grateful to Ian for showing us what he has achieved for himself, with the encouragement and advice of his supporters and friends.


 Ian's Story



Information for Independence

Finances and Benefits

Nutrition, Health, Exercise and Recreation

Sexuality, Dating, Healthy Relationships

Support for Supporters


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