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  • Alaska Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Strategic Plan 2017-2022
  • Alaska FASD Partnership
    The mission of the Alaska FASD Partnership is to promote awareness, prevention, and effective life-long interventions for people affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol and their families.
  • Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority | Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
    The purpose of this statewide multimedia campaign is to raise awareness about FASD and its lifelong effects, and to motivate women to know their pregnancy status before consuming alcohol. The intent is to inform, move and motivate Alaskans in an effort to prevent occurrences of FASD in Alaska.
  • Collaborative for Alcohol-Free Pregnancy
    Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in the prevention, identification, and management of FASDs. CDC’s PICs and Partners is a collaborative of national partners, medical societies, university centers, and a variety of practitioners from six health disciplines who work together to prevent FASDs and risky drinking.
  • An Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Is the Best Choice for Your Baby
    These organizations and resources can provide you with more information on FASDs, drinking and pregnancy, and how to get help if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and cannot stop drinking.
  • The Alaska Center for FASD
    We seek to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies, promote successful outcomes for affected individuals and families, and act as a catalyst for creating FASD-informed communities of care.
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