Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention

COVID-19 and Recovery Supports

At a time when self-quarantine and physical distancing are happening to control the spread of Coronavirus, community connection is more important than ever. We’ve collected some tips on this page to share how to support mental wellness and substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery during COVID-19 response.

The Alaska Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention, established in July of 2017, uses a public health approach to prevent and reduce substance use disorders, prevent harms caused by substance use and support community-based activities across Alaska. Our services protect life, health and safety of Alaskans. We focus largely on strengthening the essential public health infrastructure, services, systems and partnerships across Alaska. Current activities are focused on opioid and marijuana misuse and addiction prevention, data and evaluation, including program and systems changes to mitigate harms.

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The principles of public health provide a useful framework for understanding and addressing the causes and consequences of substance misuse and addiction. Prevention occurs through upstream prevention programs, policy interventions, misuse and harms prevention, as well community focused interventions. We provide collaborative leadership to plan, develop and implement evidence-informed interventions and knowledge. By providing Alaskans and their communities with the best available knowledge on substance use and addiction, we assist individual Alaskans, health professionals and other community leaders in a coordinated response. We work to promote safe and healthy communities. 

Collage of images from community meetings during the development of the Alaska Opioid Action Plan


Implement public health approaches to prevent and reduce substance use disorders and support community-based activities across Alaska.

Core values

  • Community:
    Engage with individual citizens and community-based coalitions
  • Communication:
    Use evidence-informed methods to improve public, provider and media knowledge of substance misuse and addiction
  • Collaboration:
    Work with State of Alaska agencies and external partners to lead a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral prevention response

More information

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