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Mission Statement

The joint mission of AMHB/ABADA is to advocate for programs and services that promote healthy, independent, productive Alaskans. The Boards work together to advocate with Alaskans experiencing mental health and substance-use disorders and their families.


AMHB was established in 1987 by the Alaska State Legislature (AS 47.30.661) and Federal Public Law 99-660. ABADA was established in 1988 by the Alaska State Legislature (AS 44.29.100) and Executive Order #71, after passage. Before this action, the advisory councils on alcoholism and drug abuse were separate under the “Review Board on Alcoholism” and the “Advisory Board on Drug Abuse.” In 2005, under the Murkowski administration, as part of the state’s multi-year process to consolidate mental health and substance use efforts under the newly-formed Division of Behavioral Health, the structure of AMHB and ABADA was rearranged to co-locate the Boards under one executive director and staff. The Boards have continued to maintain separate officers and elections, maintain a joint executive committee, meet jointly in public meetings statewide, and carry out projects and advocacy efforts jointly.
In 2010, the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council (SSPC) became co-located under AMHB and ABADA’s executive director, but maintains separate staff. While SSPC does not meet concurrently with the Boards, members of both boards are represented on the council and offer presentations and updates at each respective meeting.