Anchorage Region Probation Services

The Anchorage Regional Probation Office (ARPO) covers the greater Anchorage Area north to the Eklutna Flats and South to Portage, Whittier, and Hope. The Anchorage office receives approximately 40% of the Alaska’s delinquency referrals annually. Given the size and diversity of Anchorage, the ARPO is divided into four units, each having approximately five probation officers, a supervisor, and an administrative support staff.  The entire office is supervised by a Juvenile Probation Regional Manager.  Each officer is responsible for performing the full-range of probation duties, including:  handling diversion referrals, managing a youth’s formal court intervention, making dispositional recommendations for treatment and services, and performing field supervision. Two smaller sub-units, Aftercare Probation and Foster Care, exist to address specific supervision and treatment needs.

ARPO is active in its outreach to the community, with officers visiting schools, treatment providers and community partners to arrange and monitor services for delinquent youth.   ARPO staff are active members of local and State-wide coalitions tasked with developing innovative prevention and treatment programs that are responsive to the needs of youth in Anchorage.    Staff also present on juvenile justice issues upon request with the goal of enhanced collaboration, a greater community understanding of local delinquency issues, and recruiting new DJJ staff.

Three Aftercare Probation Officers work with staff of the McLaughlin Youth Center Transitional Services Unit to develop release plans for institutional youth.  These Probation Officers collaborate with the youth, their family, McLaughlin Treatment staff and community service providers to provide effective, individualized treatment and discharge planning.  They perform intense supervision as these youth adjust to their reintegration into the community.

ARPO has one Juvenile Probation Officer that serves as the Foster Care Coordinator for the Anchorage region and a portion of the South Central Regional Probation Office (SCRO) region and is working to increase the capabilities of current foster homes as well as increase the number of foster care placements available.  

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