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Have Questions?
Contact our Virtual Contact Center (VCC) at 800-478-7778 or email us at

Benefit Information Hotline:
(888) 804-6330
(Outside Anchorage)

(907) 269-5777 (In Anchorage)

FY 2022 Income Guidelines

​# of
in Home




For each additional household member, add $710.

General Resources

Material Request Order Form

If you need additional applications, posters, or other materials, please e-mail the program at Indicate in your e-mail quantities and types of supplies needed along with your phone number and mailing address. Our staff will make sure the materials are sent out to you as soon as possible.  

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Plan

The LIHEAP Plan is the application used to apply for federal funding for the Heating Assistance Program.  Each year the State holds a public hearing and puts the draft plan on-line for the public to comment on. September 1 the Plan is due to the federal government. Once approved, the Plan details how the program will be administered the coming season. 

State and Federal Regulations

The Heating Assistance Program is governed by State and Federal regulations. Please click on the following links that will take you to the appropriate regulations. 

Fee Agent Resources