Alaska MCH Data Book 2008:
Health Status Edition

Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology is pleased to announce the publication of our fourth edition of the Alaska Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Data Book.

The new edition updates information on MCH indicators originally published in the Alaska Maternal and Child Health Data Book 2003. It features comprehensive information on the health status of Alaskan mothers, infants, children and families — synthesized from statewide surveillance systems, surveys, vital records, and program services data. The 2008 edition provides the most current available data (usually through birth year 2005) on leading indicators of maternal, infant, child, and women's health. We have added several new analyses, including regional distributions, population-specific trends for Alaska Native and non-Native peoples, and more information on prenatal and maternal health.

Our design format, featuring graphs and tables opposite bulleted narratives, has provided policy makers, public health professionals and health care providers with a user-friendly reference for statistical and epidemiological information on MCH status. We hope you use this book to learn more about Alaska's MCH population and to promote improved health for mothers and children.

What's inside

  • Introduction: (Cover, Suggested Citation, Title Page, HOW TO USE THIS BOOK, Table of Contents, MCH Snapshot, Data Limitations)
  • Chapter 1: Population Characteristics
  • Chapter 2: Reproductive Health
  • Chapter 3: Prenatal Health
  • Chapter 4: Prenatal Risks
  • Chapter 5: Birth Outcomes
  • Chapter 6: Infant Health
  • Chapter 7: Child Health
  • Chapter 8: Adolescent and Teen Health
  • Chapter 9: Maternal Health
  • Chapter 10: Women's Health
  • Chapter 11: Key Indicators of Maternal and Child Health
    Indicator Definitions
  • Appendix: (Technical Notes, Acronyms, Glossary)
  • References

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Health Status Edition
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