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Attention icon Note: This program has been discontinued.

Alaska Suicide Prevention Training

with QPR Approach

A gatekeeper is anyone within a community who is in a position to recognize the warning signs that someone may be contemplating suicide. Gatekeepers include parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, ministers, doctors, nurses, office supervisors, squad leaders, foremen, police officers, advisors, caseworkers, firefighters, and many others who are strategically positioned to recognize and refer someone at risk of suicide, but do not treat in the long term.

The objectives of this training are to:

1. Learn about how suicide affects the state of Alaska. 
2. Learn about the myths and facts surrounding suicide.
3. Recognize the warning signs of suicide.
4. Know how to offer hope.
5. Know how to get help and save a life.
6. Know what resources are available for help and support.
The Alaska Gatekeeper Training uses the QPR method as its core training.  QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer, an emergency mental health intervention for suicidal persons created by Paul Quinnett.  QPR is a simple educational program that teaches ordinary citizens how to recognize a mental health emergency and how to get a person at risk the help they need. It is also an action plan that can result in lives saved.