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Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)


Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey - Where are the Results? Infographic  

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is a school-based survey of Alaska high school students. The YRBS collects important information about the health of Alaska teens, including health risk behaviors that contribute to social problems, disabilities, and even death. The survey helps school districts and schools, communities, and public and private organizations understand and meet the needs of Alaska teens. These groups use YRBS data to develop school health policies and programs, promote health, prevent disease and write grants.

Alaska students take the YRBS every other year in odd-numbered years in public traditional and alternative high schools. Student participation in the YRBS is anonymous, voluntary, and requires written parental consent. The survey includes questions on the following topics:

  • Physical activity
    and nutrition
  • Tobacco, alcohol,
    and drug use
  • Injury prevention
  • Violence and bullying
  • Suicide
  • Sexual behaviors
  • Connections with peers, adults, and community

Alaska’s YRBS is part of a national effort run by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Alaska Departments of Health and Social Services and Education and Early Development, as well as numerous public and private organizations support the YRBS.

Schools districts and schools, parents, students, and public and private organizations can do the following:

School districts and schools

  • Participate in the YRBS. High schools conduct the YRBS during the spring semester of odd-numbered years. Participation is crucial to the success of the survey.
  • Collect YRBS parental permission forms. Consider adding the permission form to your annual student registration process.
  • Share information about the survey with parents and students. YRBS promotional materials are available on our resources page.


  • Complete the YRBS parent permission form when your student’s school sends it to you.
  • Encourage your student to participate in the survey.


  • Participate in the YRBS when it is offered at your school.
  • Watch this video to learn more about the Alaska YRBS.

Public and private organizations

  • Promote the YRBS in your community. Visit our resources page for promotional materials.
  • Use the data to apply for grants, target resources toward the most important issues and help determine whether your work has been effective.