Job Opportunities in Alaska for Clinicians

Included here is a list of resources for healthcare practitioners interested in practicing in Alaska including support-for-service programs. Please contact the agencies directly for information.

  • Health Care Site Seeking SHARP Practitioners: SHARP Employer Sites Seeking Clinicians
    Click on for a list and contact information for Alaska sites interested in recruiting SHARP Program clinicians.
  • The Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet)
    3RNet is a network of organizations helping health professionals find jobs in rural and underserved areas throughout the country.
  • RSA Health Workforce Connector
    The Health Resources & Services Administration Health Workforce Connector is an electronic jobs board that allows job searches to connect to job opportunities and work sites in Health Professional Shortage Area.
  • Indian Health Service
    The Indian Health Service provides federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Within its functions are a variety of career placement services, including a Loan Repayment Program and opportunities for students.
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
    The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) provides opportunities for health care providers to work across a spectrum of settings from urban medical centers to small village clinics. The ANTHC also offers loan repayment opportunities. Select ANTHC Tribal Health Recruiting for more information.
  • Alaska Academy of Physician Assistants
    The AKAPA provides job listings for physician assistants throughout the state, as well as an array of services for its members.
  • Alaska Nurses Association
    The AaNA website provides some job placement opportunites. Check out Relocating to Alaska under the Resources tab.
  • Alaska Pharmacists Association
    The AKPhA provides a Career Opportunities link.

Other Resources

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