The State of Alaska Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Program

Located in the Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention, the Statewide comprehensive FASD program comprises the following components and supported activities:

    Education, Training and Technical Assistance

    • Education
        • Legal is not safe conversation cards pregnant drug use
        • Public events: film screenings, listening circles, community Moment to Moment Juneau flyerMoment to Moment flyer
        • Conference presentations
        • FASD Echo
    • Training
        • Alaska FASD Provider Network
        • Caregiver as Educator trainings
        • Whitecrow Life Session: Family Education and Workforce Development
        • FASD Training in Alaska: Where we’ve been aPhoto of trainer pointing to screen.nd where we need to go This report includes a baseline assessment of FASD training activities in Alaska, a survey of community stakeholders and FASD trainers, a framework for the development of future trainings and related recommendations for the FASD program.

Photo of FASD community stakeholders working together. Photo of people working togetherFASD Community stakeholders work together to help create training that makes a difference.


    Data, Research and Evaluation

    • Data
        • Managing AKAIMS reporting to include/combine all state funded FASD records
    • Research
        • Kenai Peninsula Community FASD informed Framework
    • Evaluation
        • FASD Program planning and statewide activities baseline assessment report

    Screening, Diagnoses and Supports

    • Screening
        • Reviewing screening tools useful for a variety of populations